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    2019 Winners
    Mario Passanante and Himara Bottini
    with Fiat 1100/103 del 1955
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    2nd Place 2019
    Francesco and Giuseppe Di Pietra
    with Fiat 508C del 1937
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    3rd Place 2019
    Sergio Sisti and Anna Gualandi
    with Lancia Aprilia del 1937
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    Ladies Cup 2019
    Maria Marchesi and Caterina Vagliani
    with Fiat X1/9 del 1973
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    1st Foreign Crew 2019
    Martin Castro and Alejandro Guidobono
    with MG 1500 del 1955
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    Concours d'Elegance - Malé
    Joel Gualdi and Marco Turchi
    with Jaguar C-Type del 1968
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    Concours d'Elegance - St.Moritz
    Bruno Roma and Primo Ider
    with Nash Healey del Pininfarina Le Mans del 1953
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    Concours d'Elegance - Pellizzano
    Maria Marchesi and Caterina Vagliani
    with Fiat X 1/9 del 1973
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    Concours d'Elegance - Desenzano del garda
    Claudio Mosconi and Carmen Napolitano
    with Maserati 3500 GT Spider del 1960

Welcome to Summer Marathon 2019

International Regularity Competition
Precision and at Imposed Average Speed Test - Concours d’Elegance.
Historic Car Race Placed in the new ACI SPORT

Press Release - June 17, 2019

Mario Passanante and Himara Bottini are the winners of VIII Summer Marathon 2019

They has been participating with Fiat 1100/103 (1955).
The Ruoteclassiche Team did better of a large group of regularity specialists, including 7 Top Drivers; challenge was very fierce.

At second place the winners of last edition, Francesco Di Pietra and Giuseppe Di Pietra (crew n° 4), with Fiat 508C (1955).

Third place for Sergio Sisti and Anna Gualandi (crew n° 10) with Lancia Aprilia of 1937.

First classified team, the AMAMS Tazio Nuvolari with:

  • Giuseppe Nobis and Paola Mambrini with Porsche 356 B Coupè.
  • Alfonso Facchini and Luigia Olivetti with MG A Roadster.
  • Filippo Gazza and Amalia Nocco with Porsche 356 SC Coupè del 1963.

Ladies’ cup goes to crew n° 71 Maria Marchesi and Caterina Vagliani with Fiat X1/9 (1973). For them two prestigious watches “Oculus” by Zito 1950.

First foreign participants from Argentina Martin Rodolfo Castro and Cristian Alejandro Dominguez Guidobono (crew n° 34) with MG 1500 (1955).

Alberto Aliverti and Alberto Maffi (crew n° 3) with Fiat 508 C (1937) won the challenge of the average speed trials.

Very appreciated the Concours d’Elegance, an opportunity to reward the cars, evaluating them not only from a regularity point of view, but even in terms of their technical qualities. The winners of the four Concourse d’Elegance are:

  • Malé: Crew n° 64 Joel Gualdi and Marco Turchi - Jaguar C-Type (1968);
  • St. Moritz: Crew n° 28 Bruno Roma and Primo Ider - Nash Healey Pininfarina Le Mans (1953);
  • Pellizzano: Crew n. 71 Maria Marchesi and Caterina Vagliani - Fiat X 1/9 (1973);
  • Desenzano del Garda: Crew n° 40 Claudio Mosconi and Carmen Napolitano - Maserati 3500 GT Spider (1960).

The appreciated logistical organization and the incredible itinerary with breathtaking views this year did not disappoint the expectations, showing itself in full splendor, in three days of sunshine, blue skies and flowering meadows, which left everyone speechless.

A special thanks to the partners:

Arrivederci all’edizione 2020!

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Summary data of the event

738 KM
90 precision time trials
6 average trials
4 Concours d’Elegance


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