«Sensations of the past, Summer Marathon is one of the Great Events that every fan need to participate: special time trials, unique routes and enogastronomical moments to remember».

Began like this the eight pages of final large article for the III° Summer Marathon 2014, published on July-August issue of GenteMotori Classic by the Journalist and Driver Federico Lanfranchi.
Certainly the considerable effort devoted, the work of the Equipe Organizing with the maximun care for any detail, the passion and enthusiasm for a perfect race, have once again decreed the complete success of the event, getting acclaim and praise from mass media, insiders, but expecially from the competitors.

Some numbers of 2014’s affermation:
82 registered cars, with 14 pre-war cars, 30 from 1946 to 1960, 34 from 1961 to 1970, 4 after the 1971; 14 Top Drivers.

12 nations represented with crews of: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, England, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and USA.

21 car brands competing, 31 teams for the first place in the ranking of the top team classified.

631 km in the route, spread over 3 stages, 80 classic regularity time trials and 1 at imposed averaged speed with three secret detections.

A faboulous jackpot, for the winner the complete participation package with travel, overnight and rental of a car suitable at the next Gran Carrera Argentina, the Challenge Trophy, 31 special prizes, any 72 classified crews awarded, a wealthy Vip Package given to any participant, which contained 13 cadeaux.

This bring us at an honorable third place in the coefficient ranking of Trofeo Grand’Eventi 2014, preceded only from 1000 Miglia and G.P. Nuvolari. An acknowledgment that strenghens and rewards even more the enthusiasm and passion for a great race and encourages the Organization to do even more the best.

For the fourth edition 2015 a new Equipe composed by technicians with a lot of field experience, especially for the vintage cars races, they will managing the technical organization and they have already defined the path, keeping in mind the leitmotiv which find its indentity in the right balance of various parts: the emotions which has to arouse, the many technical, organizational, enogastronomical, logistical requirements which defining a race of this importance.

Three stages with brand new unreleased paths, routes that will pass through tourists area of incomparable beauty, charming, famous and unmissable landscapes.

Fourth edition promises to be a Great Event with the main to do even better, amaze with interesting pleasant news the participants.

Any details, programme, route, time table, registration fees, will be presented in the usual press conference in early January 2015 in a prestigious location, as it is in our own style.

Summer Marathon “The Great Event in the name but expecially in the reality of the facts”

* This programme could be subject to changes about date, timing, route, itinerary and seat of the event.