Opening registration Wednesday Februrary 1, 2024
Special fee “early-booking” enrolment within April 19, 2024
Closing registrations Monday June 27, 2024

Wednesday February 1, 2024 - Opening Registration

Special "early-booking" fee for registration by April 19, 2024.
Registration deadline by 24:00 on Monday May 29, 2024.

Tuesday March 19, 2024 - Press Conference


hrs 6:00 pm Milan at QC Terme, Piazza Medaglie d'Oro, 2 - Press conference, event presentation. Followed by lunch for the guests.

Thursday June 6, 2024 - Waiting for the Summer Marathon

San Pellegrino Terme

Optional tourist day at QC Terme di San Pellegrino reserved for those who have signed up to the "Waiting for the Summer Marathon" package.
Opening of the event management, secretarial office and press room office.
Stay at Grand Hotel QC Terme in San Pellegrino.

hrs 03:00 pm to hrs 07:00 pm Accreditation and stamping of booked crews. Delivery of Technical Kit and Vip Package.
hrs 07:30 pm Prologue Performance of Chronometric Skill in the reserved area - San Pellegrino Terme.
hrs 09:00 pm Official dinner at a restaurant with a typical menu of the Brembana Valley.

Friday June 7, 2024 - First Leg

San Pellegrino Terme - Livigno

hrs 7:30 am to 10:30 am San Pellegrino Terme - Checks and stamping at the park and accreditation hall of the Grand Hotel QC Terme in San Pellegrino.
Delivery of Technical Kit and VIP Package.
Open Bar for accredited members.
hrs 10:30 am San Pellegrino Terme - Briefing by the Event Director.
hrs 11:00 am - CO.1 START FIRST LEG - San Pellegrino Terme, Grand Hotel QC Terme
CT.1 Passo San Marco
Morbegno A) Performance of Chronometric Skill.
(1) - 2 - 3
Chiavenna B) Performance of Chronometric Skill.
(4) - 5 - 6
CO.2 Chiavenna center - Lunch stop at the Crotto Restaurant.
Villa di Chiavenna Italy/Switzerland customs.
CT.2 Passo Maloja to follow Laghi dell'Engadina.
CT.3 St.Moritz center.
CO.3 Pontresina, Hotel Ristorante. Coffee Break & Snack stop.
CT.4 Passo Bernina to follow Switzerland customs.
CT.5 Passo Forcola, Italy customs.
Livigno C) Performance of Chronometric Skill.
(7) - 8 - 9
Livigno Elegance Contest n.1 - Trofeo Alpi Bresaola
CO.4 - CT.6 Livigno - ARRIVAL FIRST LEG.
Livigno Welcome Drink and Check-In at the assigned hotels: Hotel Concordia and Montivas Lodge.
Vehicle storage.
Official dinner at the Hotel Concordia restaurant with typical local menu.
Drink Party at the Bivio Club.
Followed by overnight stay.

Saturday June 8, 2024 - Second Leg

Livigno - Madonna di Campiglio

hrs 8:00 am - CO.5

START SECOND LEG - Livigno at Piazzale APT Livigno.

CT.7 Passo Forcola, Italy customs.
Bormio D) Performance of Chronometric Skill.
(10) - 11 - 12

Passo dello Stelvio, coffee brack stop. To follow Trafoi, Prato allo Stelvio, Valvenosta.




E) Performance of Chronometric Skill.
(13) - 14 - 15


Merano, lunch stop at a restaurant with a typical South Tyrolean menu.

CT.9 Passo Palade.
Pellizzano F) Performance of Chronometric Skill.
(16) - 17 - 18
CO.8 Pellizzano, Historic square Santa Maria -  Elegance Contest n.2 - Trofeo Comune di Pellizzano.
CT.10 Passo Carlo Magno
CO.9 Madonna di Campiglio - ARRIVAL SECOND LEG. - Partner Ag. Imm. Collini.
Madonna di Campiglio Piazza Sissi, Welcome Drink offerd by APT Madonna di Campiglio.
Followed by Check-In at Hotel Cristal Palace.
Car storage.
Official dinner at the Hotel Cristal Palace restaurant with typical Trentino menu.
Followed by overnight stay.

Sunday June 9, 2024 - Third Leg

Madonna di Campiglio - San Pellegrino Terme

hrs 8:30 am - CO.10 START THIRT LEG - Madonna di Campiglio, Piazza Sissi.
To Follow Pinzolo, Tione.

G) Performance of Chronometric Skill.
(19) - 20 - 21

CO.11 Breguzzo. To follow Storo, Lago d'Idro, Bagolino.
CO.12 - CT.11 Passo Crocedomini. Snack stop at Rifugio Crocedomini.
To follow Breno, Malegno, Borno.
Parco del Giovetto E) Performance of Chronometric Skill.
(22) - 23 - 24
CO.13 - CT.12 Parco del Giovetto. To follow Val di Scalve.
Passo Presolana F) Performance of Chronometric Skill.
(25) - 26 - 27
CO.14 - CT.13 Passo Presolana. To follow Clusone, Nembro.
San Pellegrino Terme Elegance Contest n.3 - Trofeo San Pellegrino.
CO.15 San Pellegrino Terme - ARRIVAL THIRD LEG.
San Pellegrino Terme Goodbye Grand Buffet at Grand Hotel QC Terme.


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