XII Summer Maraton 2024

Regulations approved by ACI Sport and our team

Our discipline of participation

Registrations within the scheduled deadlines made via the online form will be accepted with the relevant payment of the entire registration fee. Acceptance of the confirmation is subject to approval by the organization.

The cars and participants are included in the event divided into the three present groups:
- Summer Marathon (Cars until 1991)
- Youngtimer (Cars from 1992 to 2010)
- Tribute Supercars (Cars from 2011 to today)

The mandatory route must follow what is contained in the radar roadbook, time and distance table and the entire published program.

Three stages, Friday 7, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June 2024 for a total of 661 km, 15 C.O. (Time Controls), 13 C.T. (Stamp Control),
3 Contests of Elegance, 27 Chronometric Skill Heats (the latter optional).

By Time Control C.O. we mean the passage in a specific place included in the Times and Distances Table, as well as on the Radar in the time slot of 1 hour from the reported time.
The actual transit time will be reported on the Table of Times and Distances from the timekeeper.

For C.T. Stamp Control means transit in the appropriate place reported on the Times, Distances and Radar Table, as well as in the appropriate Book with relative Stamp certifying the passage.

In case of failure to endorse a C.O. or a C.T. the crew will be excluded from participation. However, they will be able to continue the event in the logistical and food and wine part.
The 3 Concours d'Elegance will be carried out by all cars in order of number assigned. There will be 3 winners, one for each group for each competition and they will not be able to participate in subsequent ones.

The prize for the winner of each group is superlative. Certificate of participation for each arrival.

The cars must be equipped with one of the following valid documents, the original of which must be presented at the checks:
- Valid registration document;
- Positive approval of revisions;
- Insurance policy validity certificate;

The crew participants (they can also be more than 2 people) must show the following mandatory documents at the sporting checks:
- Valid driving license for the driver;
- ACI member card for the tenant;

Insurance of the ACI Sport event


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