Opening registration February 3, 2020
Special fee “early-booking” enrolment within April 30, 2020
Closing registrations June 3, 2020

Thursday June 11, 2020 | Commezzadura (Val di Sole)

2:00pm Tevini Dolomites Charming Hotel Commezzadura Via della Fantoma 8 - Opening Race Management offices, Press room.
First session sportive and technical checks.
Delivery Technical Kit and Vip Package to the verified crews.
Check-in at Tevini Dolomites Charming Hotel or Hotel Monroc.
2:30pm - 7:00pm Tevini Dolomites Charming Hotel, Commezzadura Via della Fantoma 8 - Open Bar for the accredited.
7:30pm end first session sportive and technical checks.
9:00pm Restaurant Chalet Lago dei Caprioli, typical local food dinner.
back to the hotel for the overnight.

Possibility of covered parking for the cars.
Guarded parking available for cars and trailers until 12:00 of Sunday June 14, 2020 at Piazzale Partenza Telecabina Daolasa Commezzadura.

Friday June 12, 2020 | Malé (Val di Sole) - Ledro Lake - Pinzolo - Malé (Val di Sole)

7:30am Tevini Dolomites Charming Hotel Via della Fantoma 8 - Last session of sportive and technical checks (limited availability by reservation).
Delivery Technical Kit and Vip Package to the verified crews.
8:30am end of last session of sportive and technical checks.
9:30am Malé (Val di Sole) Piazza Regina Elena - Start first car Special Followers.
10:00am Malé (Val di Sole) Piazza Regina Elena - Start first car competitor C.O. n. 1.
Andalo C.O. n. 2 - Welcome-drink at Bar Palacongressi.
12:55pm Lago di Ledro C.O. n. 3 - Lunch break at Restaurant Da Franco e Adriana.
4:00pm Pinzolo C.O. n. 4 - Concours d’Elegance n. 1 Coffee-break.
6:00pm Malé C.O. n. 5 - Concours d’Elegance n. 2 Piazza Regina Elena - Welcome drink.
End first leg.
Dinner and overnight in hotel.

Saturday June 13, 2020 | Commezzadura - Livigno - St. Moritz - Pellizzano (Val di Sole)

8:00am start first car Special Followers Commezzadura Piazzale Telecabina Daolasa.
8:30am start first car competitor Commezzadura Piazzale Telecabina Daolasa C.O. n. 6.
9:30am Gavia Pass Rifugio Bonetta (2,640 mts above sea level), C.T. n. 1 and coffee-break.
10:30am S. Nicolò Valfurva C.O. n. 7.

11:30am Stop in private parking in Livigno (Hotel Concordia).
Duty free shopping in the downtown.
Lunch at Concordia Lounge Bar & Restaurant.

1:30pm Livigno, C.O. n. 8 from Alpi Bresaole.

St. Moritz
2:20pm Concours d’Elegance n° 3 in Via Maistra (downtown).
Car exhibition in Via Maistra.
Coffee-break at Cafè Hanselmann (downtown).

3:00pm St. Moritz C.O. n. 9.
3:30pm Bernina Pass (2.328 mts above sea level) C.T. n. 2.
4:30pm Tirano C.O. n. 10.
6:00pm Ponte di Legno Piazza XXVII Settembre C.O. n. 11. Coffee-break at Nazionale Mountain Brasserie.
6:45pm Pellizzano - End second stage C.O. n. 12 Piazza Santa Maria Concours d’Elegance n. 4
9:00pm Tevini Dolomites Charming Hotel “Gran Gala Dinner Summer Marathon”.
Overnight in hotel.

Sunday June 14, 2020 | Val di Pejo - Antica Fonte - Cogolo

Breakfast in hotel.


9:30am Start from Piazzale Telecabina Daolasa - Commezzadura.
Tour in the downtown of Pejo, Antica Fonte.
10:45am Cogolo di Pejo, Piazza dei Monari Concours d'Elegance n. 5.
11:15am Kristiania Pure Nature Hotel & Spa - Cogolo -
Long drink aperitif.
Kristiania Pure Nature Hotel & Spa - Cogolo - Prize-giving ceremony.
Kristiania Pure Nature Hotel & Spa - Cogolo - Goodbye Lunch.

End of the event.

* This schedule could be changed in date, times, route and seat of the event.




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