Tribute Moderne Super Cars

Opening Registration January 31, 2022
Special fee “early-booking” enrolment within April 4, 2022
Closing Registration May 27, 2022

Tribute Moderne Super Cars, a major international tourist regularity event collateral to the Summer Marathon in which only thirty-five modern super cars of high technical sporting value of the most prestigious brands built from 1993 to today are accepted. A right balance between the passion of driving your own sports car on exciting itineraries without the exuberance of a car competition. The unforgettable view of unique panoramas in the world, all shared by superlative logistics combined with tasty food and wine.

Entry Fee Includes:

Three days, full stay from Friday 3 June to Sunday 5 June 2022 for the two crew members, in a high-level and prestigious 4-stars hotel complete with wellness center at Tevini Dolomites Charming Hotel - Hotel Monroc - Hotel Ravelli. The advantage of always staying in the same hotel, avoiding any travel stress.
Technical sports registration for the X Summer Marathon 2022 event.
Technical kit, participation number boards, plates, road-book, pass, “verified” sticker.
Vip Package containing official clothing, gifts and special discount coupons from partner companies.
- Saturday 04/06 Livigno, Buffet at Hotel Concordia;
- Sunday 05/06 Corte Franca, Goodbye Grand Buffet at Relais Franciacorta;
- Friday 03/06 Commezzadura, dinner at the assigned 4-star hotels;
- Saturday 04/06 Pellizzano, Grand dinner with typical Solandri products at the Stal-Forst Restaurant;
- Friday 03/06 Desenzano del Garda, open bar, welcome coffee at the starting location;
- Friday 03/06 arrival of the Malé stage, tasting of typical local products;
- Saturday 04/06 Passo Gavia, coffee break at Rifugio Bonetta at 2652 m a.s.l .;
- Saturday 04/06 Ponte di Legno, piazza 27 Settembre, coffee break at the Mountain Brasserie Bar Nazionale;
- Saturday 04/06 Arrival of the Pellizzano stage, tasting of typical local products;
- Sunday 05/06 Breno, Ronchi General Market Square, stop for tasting typical Camuni products;
- Sunday 05/06 Sale Marasino, coffee break at Laboratorio l'Emporio;
Refund of protocol for waiver of registration.
Special Personal Brochure Tour of the Alps certifying the transit on the 10 CT of the event.
Car storage in the covered guarded garage for the two nights.
Technical-mechanical assistance following along the entire route by specialized technicians.
Shuttle service along the route where necessary, exclusively available to crews.
USB PenDrive with photo shoot of the single competitor by the Official Photographer.
Medal certifying participation for all arrived participants.

*The rates are intended for a double room, inclusive of IVA.

Participation Fee
Tribute Moderne Super Cars

1.950 IVA INC.

Closing Registration May 27, 2022
Fee for two people and a car.
Reserved only for thirtyfive accredited

Special fee “early-booking”
Tribute Moderne Super Cars

1.800 IVA INC.

Enrolment within April 4, 2022
Fee for two people and a car.
Reserved only for forty accredited


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