Summer Marathon

Opening Registration January 31, 2022
Special fee “early-booking” enrolment within April 4, 2022
Closing Registration May 27, 2022

The passion of a lifetime for the car marathons of yesteryear that made the competitive history of the races of the past (Liege - Rome - Liege, Coupes des Alpes).

The experience and expertise of international event organizations in multiple sectors worldwide.

The extensive professionalism and meticulous tourist knowledge of the proposed areas consolidated over the years, has allowed us to offer: itineraries, food and wine, culture, history of landscapes that will make you discover incomparable corners of the world of our Alps.

This essential premise undoubtedly leads to a result of satisfaction.

The events have been planned with fundamental bases, relaxation, the joy of driving your own car on fun itineraries surrounded by wonderful views. High-level logistic choice to satisfy your free time in the wellness center of the hotel. At a technical level, time and stamp checks have been set up, mechanical assistance and intervention on the entire route with scheduled distances and therefore departures of one minute, to maintain the order of travel. A special personal Brochure will become an icon of memories certifying the transit in unique places in the world supported by images. As a reminder of the participation, a USB PenDrive with a photo shoot of the individual competitor will be presented by the Official Photographer. An acknowledgment upon arrival certifying participation.

Three groupings of cars were organized on the basis of the year of construction and limited in the number of registrations:

  • 90 historic cars from 1931 to 1991.
  • 45 modern Supercars of high sporting and technical value from 2010 to today.
  • 35 cars of all kinds with the official followers.

The events are part of the events included in the ACI sport 2022 calendar in the Tourist Rally sector so without any certificate you only need the Automobile Club of Italy card.

A particular regulation of the events will be specially drawn up by the Organization to which the participants must comply, will be delivered in writing at the checks and stamping on Friday morning 03 June 2022.

The reimbursement protocol for the renunciation of participation.


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An extraordinary worldwide ambassador to promoting the tourist, hystorical, cultural, food and wine excellences of the areas crossed.


Summer Marathon collaborates with UNICEF to help the neediest children and to guarantee their rights.

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