1 VII Summer Marathon 2018


When You send the application form and the payment of entry fee, it must be considered a reservation. Fill out in ANY parts the entry form You find below and You will receive, to confirm of sending request, an automatic reply with Iban code for making the payment and other informations about necessary documentation to complete the registration (copy of driver license, medical certificate and picture of the car).


IBAN: IT42A0569654990000025647X91


in favour of: Team Oldtimer Sport A.S.D.

1. Driver

Name and Surname:

Tax identification n°:

Place of birth:

Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy):


Poste Code:







Driver License n°:

ACI Sport License n°:

Cloting size:


ACI Sport License Team n°:

2. Co-Driver

Name and Surname:

Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy):


Poste Code:






ACI Sport License n°:

Cloting size:

3. Car





Engine capacity:

Car sport document type:

Car sport document n°:

Insurance n°:

Expiry date (dd/mm/yyyy):

Insurance Company name:

4. Entry fees

€. 1.700 Entry free.

€. 1.500 “Early-booking” fee, enrollment no later than April 23, 2018

€. 1.400 "Pre-War" Cars fee cars built and registered before 1945.

€. 1.400 "Fidelity Crew" fee who has been participated at least three editions.

€. 850 "Young Incentive" fee members are both under 25 years old.

€. 850 "Entirely Female Crew" fee Driver and co-driver are women. Enrollment
no later than April 23, 2018

Quotas are per double room, including VAT and aren’t be combined with others discounts or conventions.
Registration shall be deemed valid only upon receipt of the registration fee which includes: accommodation/overnight stay in the specified terms, welcome-coffee, buffet lunches, coffee-break, stop for tasting local products, the sport part of the race, V.I.P. Package, gifts, prizes and all that has been offered within the same event.

5. Bank Transfer Detail

Transfer Bank Date (dd/mm/yyyy) :


C.R.O. Number:

6. Invoice

Data for invoice:

7. Vehicles documentation

Admitted cars must be equipped with insurance and one of the following valid documents: ACI-CSAI Fiche regularity historic car, HTP FIA (Historic Technical Passport FIA), ASI Certificate of approval or identity, FIA papers, FIVA passport, Certificate of registration to the National Historic Register AAVS.

8. Crews documentation

The crew (2 people per car) must be present at sports checks and show the following required documents:

  • Valid driving license;
  • Driver's License ACI Sport or Regularity license;
  • Medical Certificate;
  • ACI Member's Card.

Co-drivers will also be minors aged and not regularity licensed, but not under 14 years old.

ACI Sport License for foreign participants € 40.
For foreign competitors without Sport License of their Federation, will be issued an ACI Club Card, the quota is € 40 to be sent upon registration.

9. Type of hotel accomodation required:

Double room.

Single room. (Single room extra fee € 300 for two people and two overnights in four-stars hotel.)

10. Overnight Package "Waiting for Summer Marathon"

From Thursday 14 to Friday 15 June 2018.
Dinner, overnight, breakfast in double room for two people € 250

11. Chronometric Equipment

Request for having chronometric equipment on loan for use by Zero Times.

12. Registration request and privacy confirmation

I, the undersigned Competitor, hereby ask to be registered

in the race VII° Summer Marathon 2018 which will take place in the days (14) - 15 - 16 - 17 June 2018.

Privacy Agree

Under and for the purposes of Legislative Decree no.196 of the 30th of June 2003 (“Privacy Consolidation Act”), aware of the rights guaranteed by this law, I hereby declare that I am informed of the purposes and ways of treatment of the data of the people and vehicles reported in this form of registration to this event and connected to it. I hereby authorize any insertion of rankings and photos in the website and the carrying out of TV recordings. Hereby, I unconditionally accept every change of specialties, route, regulations, at the sole discretion of the Organization. I hereby declare that I am aware of the fact that a car which is different from the one accepted with the registration form shall not be deemed registered.

If You do not receive a phone call within 72 hours,
You are kindly requested to contact the Organization Office by calling:
Phone (+39) 0364.900300 - Mobile (+39) 345.6611049 – Mobile (+39) 345.6566147